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...A World Apart...


She left home to find herself...and found love along the way.

Lizzy travels to Scotland to track down her roots, hoping where she comes from will help her figure out where she needs to go. An Aussie girl through and through, tough as nuts and a bit wild, she believes there’s nothing so wonderful as a world seen through wine-tinted glasses...
...until she meets Hottie Hamish, Bridge of Allan’s most eligible bachelor.
Hamish is Lizzy’s polar opposite in every way. He’s serious, driven, and motivated, focused on becoming the youngest associate professor at the Glasgow School of Art. But he’s hiding a social phobia behind his gruff exterior that makes it almost impossible to connect with people...
...until he meets Lost Lizzy, all sunshine and lightness, an Australian beauty with the proverbial heart of gold.
Where they come from may be worlds apart, but atop a Scottish Munro, they begin to realize where they’re going is best traveled side by side.

CONTENT WARNING: Graphic descriptions of haggis ingredients.

A Lyrical Press New Adult Romance


Hamish squeezed the steering wheel repeatedly as if it was a soother ball. At least he refrained from grinding his teeth. He turned to Lizzy. “And how do you find this funny?”
“I don’t find it funny, ha ha,” Lizzy stressed. “More funny as in fun.”
“This is fun to you?”
“Sure! Why not? It’s an adventure! Out here on the side of a beautiful mountain under the stars. So we sleep in the car. Sounds good to me. There can only be a few hours until light, anyhoo, right? Not to mention, my adventure is with a fine and handsome Scotsman.” She playfully punched Hamish in the arm, an exaggerated smile on her face. “That’s you, Hamish.”
Luckily the darkness hid the blush that rose from his neck. Even now, he found it hard to believe women found him attractive. Too many embarrassing and awkward moments with girls when he was younger made him think otherwise.
He cleared his throat. He could tell her now about his interview tomorrow, but it wouldn’t help the situation. “I’m worried about Rennie.”
Barely the words were out when Lizzy had hopped over the center console of the front seat and launched herself into the backseat. The jacket she wore caught on his travel coffee mug, spilling the contents onto Lizzy as she landed with a hmph.
“No worries,” she said, smearing the cold coffee into her jeans.
Lizzy peered over the seats, then reached over to stroke each dog’s head.
“Both are sound asleep. Charlie is even snoring--” Lizzy broke off suddenly, turning around to face front. She pulled her knees to her chest. Her teeth were chattering.
“Lizzy, get in with the dogs.”
“Wh-wh-what?” She looked at him as if he was a complete tosser.
Her body had begun to convulse to counterbalance her heat loss.
He drew in a deep breath through his nose and tried again. “Please, get in the back.”
“You wa-wa-want me to go sit with the dogs?”
“You’re a real shit, ya know. I don’t deserve this. Sure, I know I was out with them all day, but it was ba-ba-better than waiting on your girlfriend.”
“Eh? What are you talking about?” Maybe she had already reached delirium. He needed to get her body temperature up as quickly as possible.
“That princess Marie at your house this morning, she said you said I would cook her breakfast. And there I was serving her food like a ser-ser-servant girl. It wasn’t gourmet cuisine or anything, but I still cooked it for her!”
“You’re telling me you don’t even remember her name? And here you came across as such a refined gentleman on Sunday. I should have listened to the rumors. They are obviously all true.”
Hamish hadn’t the slightest idea what Lizzy was going on about. Unless she meant his colleague’s daughter who had spent the night. He had barely said two words to her before he excused himself to prepare for his interview. His brother Alasdair had taken her to the Crooked Arm for the pub quiz night.
“I was hired to clean your house and cook some tea for you, not to wait on your shags. You never said anything about cooking for the girls you brought home--”
“I’m going to fold down the seats.” Hamish interrupted her before she got herself worked up any further.
“What the bloody hell for?”
“Lizzy, please! You’re having a delayed hypothermic reaction.”
A confused look passed over Lizzy’s face. “From the cold coffee?”

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About the Author

Having traveled and lived all over the world, Cd Brennan now talks with a strange accent, a mix of distant terminology, a blend of culturally cute but confusing euphemisms that leaves everyone looking at her with a blank stare. Luckily, her Australian husband (who she met in Ireland) and her two Aussie/Yankee sons have no problem understanding her – well, except for the word “NO”.
Now settled back “home” in Michigan, she enjoys reliving her glory days by writing about them. She considers the last fifteen years abroad the perfect research for her Love Where You Roam series; matchmaking women and men from different cultures, even different hemispheres, helping them find their true one across oceans of difference. 
As destiny plays a hand in all the stories, Cd Brennan truly believes that what is for you, won’t pass you by. She hopes to inspire others to get out there: “Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” [Mark Twain] And of course, fall in love. 

Website          Facebook          Goodreads          Twitter

To sign up for Cd Brennan's blog, Sundae with Nuts or S'more Sundae with Nuts, CLICK HERE.

Watershed (Love Where You Roam #1)

A World Apart (Love Where You Roam #2)

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...Review of A Question of Class...

Author: Julia Tagan
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp, Lyrical Press-Imprint
Length: 188 pages
Release Date: May 5, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance

United to exact revenge on a common enemy, they discover passion is the ultimate reward. 

On the strength of her wit and intelligence, Catherine Delcour climbed from Connecticut poverty to opulent Paris society. But once in New York, her lowly past is a scandal her wine merchant husband won’t tolerate. After five years of marriage, Morris announces their union isn’t valid and reveals his plan to send her to the West Indies. Fearing she’ll end up destitute, Catherine schemes to escape--and secure her future with his treasured bottle of wine. 

Under the guise of supervising Delcour’s wayward wife, Benjamin Thomas seeks to avenge his sister’s death by ruining him. But Catherine isn’t the spoiled society wife Benjamin expects. His growing affection for Catherine threatens more than his carefully constructed plans. His vow to never touch another man’s wife has never been harder to keep than when he’s around the beguiling beauty. 

When Catherine and Benjamin join forces, their sensual natures collide even as their individual desires for passion, vengeance, and escape threaten to tear them apart.

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My Review

A highly enjoyable read, A Question of Class explores a complicated relationship with heart pounding action and intrigue. At fifteen, Catherine rose from a desperate situation and married above her station. It wasn't until Mr. Delcour, her brutish and swindling husband reveals their marriage isn't what it seems that Catherine has to take her future into her own hands.

The heroine is strong and tenacious, and fiercely loyal, despite an unfortunate turn of events that leave her scrambling to protect those she loves. A Question of Class was a non-stop page turner with adventure around every corner. Tagan infused the character's backgrounds brilliantly without dumping back story on the reader, and I loved that. And the chemistry between Benjamin and Catherine? White hot. I just adore them as a couple.

“You’re quite mad.”
“You have no idea.”

The hero is sweet but strong and capable, while the heroine is on equal footing with him. They balance each other perfectly, even through the web of misunderstandings. They are willing to give up so much for the other's happiness and the ending gave me chills.

I'm giving this one five stars. I didn't want to put it down and am looking forward to more from Julia Tagan. If this is her debut, well done. What a book to start on!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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...Sara Walter Ellwood's Second Honeymoon Book Tour...

Gambling On A Secret
Book 1 of The Colton Gamblers
Former runaway-turned heiress Charli Monroe is hiding her sordid past and planning a future in Colton, Texas. Attending the local college for a degree in social work, she intends to raise cattle on her newly purchased ranch, which she plans to open as a home for troubled teens. Only a few glitches—the Victorian mansion is crumbling, the barn needs a roof, and her oilman neighbor wants more than friendship. When she meets Dylan Quinn, Charli is willing to take a chance on the town drunk to help her rebuild the rundown ranch.
Dylan has his demons, too. The former Special Forces commander can’t get past his ex-wife’s betrayal and the botched mission that left him with much more than a bad limp. Certain the greedy oilman next door to Charli wants much more than just her heart, Dylan’s even willing to stop drinking in order to protect her.
When things get dangerous and secrets of the past are revealed, is he only looking out for his new employer, or is she the new start he so desperately needs?

Dylan moved over to her, grabbed her shoulders and spun her around before he realized what he was doing. Charli stood close enough for him to smell the sweet scent of peaches and see the flecks of blue in her wide green eyes. “I warned you more than once about Ferguson. I won’t let you give him this ranch. I’ll buy it from you first.”
She laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding. You’ll buy the ranch? Hell.”
She bent into the open refrigerator. It wasn’t a secret he was broke, but her easy dismissal pinched his heart in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable way.

Over her shoulder, Charli burned him with the fire of her cat-like eyes. “I don’t really give a flyin’ fu--I don’t care what your deal is with Leon. He’s done nothing to me. He’s a gentleman and only wants to be my friend.” She turned back toward him with a carton of eggs in one hand and a jug of milk in the other. “So, if you can’t accept that, I think you know what you can do. Goes for my rule about your drinking, too. Take it or leave it. The door’s open.”
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Gambling On A Heart
Book 2 of The Colton Gamblers
She once lost his heart on a bluff. Will she risk everything to win it back?
Beautician Tracy Quinn spends her days making the women of Colton, Texas beautiful, while living down the nickname of Olive Oyl, given to her by the only man she has ever loved—Zack Cartwright. She spends her nights alone, despite what her ex husband wants their friends and neighbors to think.
Ex-rodeo cowboy. Ex-bad-boy. Ex-Marine. Widower and single dad Sheriff Zack Cartwright can describe his life in exes. One ex in particular reminds him of what’s missing in his workaholic life: Tracy Quinn. For years since she broke his heart, he’s practically made avoiding her a second job. He still wants her, but can never go after her.
When cattle rustlers target her brother’s ranch, Tracy and Zack are stuck working together. Her son could use a positive male role model, and his daughter is wild for a chance at a “substitute” mom. But Tracy’s ex threatens to sue if she lets Zack near her son, and the Colton grapevine is abuzz with rumors about their past relationship. Is it worth the gamble to see if what they have is more than lust?
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He’s determined to set things right, no matter the cost.
The last person Abby Crawford wants to face down is country music superstar Seth Kendall. Last time she did, she flat-out lied so he’d go to Nashville without her. She’s never understood why their mutual best friend proposed, but she went with it so her baby wouldn’t be fatherless. Now she’s a divorced mother of a teenager, and secretly Seth’s biggest fan.
Seth is home in McAllister, Texas for his father’s funeral…and a chance to meet the daughter he’s never known. He’s willing to face the music of his own making and admit he’s known about his little girl all along. For fifteen years he’s kept his distance because Abby told him to follow his dreams without her, insisting she didn’t love him. But now he won’t leave until he knows his daughter and she knows him, even if it means facing the woman who broke his heart for good.
Confessing she’s lied about her daughter’s paternity all these years won’t be easy for Abby, especially with her ex blackmailing her to keep the secret. And Seth doesn’t know the hardest truth of all: Every love song he plays on his guitar still plucks her heartstrings.
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About Sara…

Although Sara Walter Ellwood has long ago left the farm for the glamour of the big town, she draws on her experiences growing up on a small hobby farm in West Central Pennsylvania to write her contemporary westerns. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for over 20 years, and they have two teenagers and one very spoiled rescue cat named Penny. She longs to visit the places she writes about and jokes she’s a cowgirl at heart stuck in Pennsylvania suburbia. She also has paranormal romantic suspense published under the pen name Cera duBois.

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Rafflecopter Giveaway:

Sara is giving away a beautiful treasure box full of goodies:
1. A thumb drive containing Sara’s novella The Birthday Fantasy and her paranormals A Hunter’s Angel and A Hunter’s Blade
2. A signed paperback copy of Carolyn Brown’s Just a Cowboy and His Baby
3. A retractable black ink pen
4. A decorative diary style notebook
5. A mouse pad
6. Sara’s own custom designed jewelry (necklace and earring set)
7. $10 Starbucks gift card and more.
A total prize package valued at $100.

The giveaway ends April 30 and the winner of the Swag Pack will be announced on May 1, 2014. Must be 18 years old or older and a resident of the USA to qualify. Void where prohibited by law. See for complete list of terms and rules.
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...Hearts in Harmony Review...

Sometimes life’s most simple melodies become songs of love. 

Pippa Sanders’ life is filled with songs of leaving, longing and loneliness. Since the death of her husband, her children have been her world. She’ll do anything to protect them, including encasing her heart in ice until they’re college age. She’s made a practice of shying away from any relationship that could break her heart when it ends. And it’s worked so far. Clay Mathers has made a temporary move to Granite Pointe, Massachusetts to help with his mother’s Christmas tree farm while she recovers from a stroke. Although his long-range plans don’t include staying in the small town, a little female companionship during his short residency would be welcome. While on duty as sentry against protestors at a military funeral, he finds Pippa visiting her husband’s grave, and begins a campaign to make her into a friend–with benefits. What starts as a simple affair evolves to something more, something that changes the soundtracks of both their lives…the beating of two hearts in harmony. 

CONTENT WARNING: Contains strong language, hot sex and a spicy hero.

A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance

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My Review

Pippa has her hands full raising two six year olds on her own. They are her entire world until a chance meeting with Clay. And their chemistry is HOT. I loved the the hero isn't perfect. He's rough around the edges with a sailor's mouth and an attitude to match. It would take a strong woman to take on his antics, but throughout the story, Pip brings out the best in this rough and tumble hero. And stride for stride, she is every bit as tough as him. She doesn't wait for a man to save her, and Clay wouldn't presume, which is awesome. More female leads could take a lesson or two from Pippa. Clay's emotional growth throughout the book was one of my favorite parts about this. Pippa and the kids break his calloused heart open a little more with each encounter, and the way Brocato handles the slow sizzle of their romance is perfect.

Brocato's words are like a song, musical, drawing the reader into the story until you are right there with the characters. I teared up in several spots because she has this way of writing sentimentally without manipulating the reader. A difficult balance, and Brocato walks the line effortlessly.

I loved the first book in this series, Cooking Up Love, and I've been looking forward to reading Hearts in Harmony in hopes that it would be as good as the first, and it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to more books in this series. Hopefully Sam will get his day.

Five huge stars from me!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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...Hearts In Harmony Cover Reveal...

Hearts In Harmony, Book 2 of the Five Senses Series
Coming May 5, 2014
From Lyrical Press, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.

Sometimes life’s most simple melodies become songs of love.
     Pippa Sanders’ life is filled with songs of leaving, longing and loneliness. Since the death of her husband, her children have been her world. She’ll do anything to protect them, including encasing her heart in ice until they’re college age. She’s made a practice of shying away from any relationship that could break her heart when it ends. And it’s worked so far.
     Clay Mathers has made a temporary move to Granite Pointe, Massachusetts to help with his mother’s Christmas tree farm while she recovers from a stroke. Although his long-range plans don’t include staying in the small town, a little female companionship during his short residency would be welcome. While on duty as sentry against protestors at a military funeral, he finds Pippa visiting her husband’s grave, and begins a campaign to make her into a friend–with benefits.
     What starts as a simple affair evolves to something more, something that changes the soundtracks of both their lives…the beating of two hearts in harmony.

CONTENT WARNING: Contains strong language, hot sex and a spicy hero.

A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance

Read more about Cooking Up Love, Book 1 of the Five Senses Series


About Gemma Brocato

Gemma's favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a 'round tuit,' and a slip of paper from a fortune cookie proclaiming her a lover of words; some day she'd write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss, even the rejections addressed to 'Dear Author' were gratifying.
After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue an avocation as a romance author.
Her gamble paid off when she was a 2012 Finalist in the prestigious Golden Pen contest for Romantic Suspense and she received contracts for her first and second book.

Connect with Gemma on Facebook:
Twitter: @gemmabrocato or on the web at

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...Springtime in the Country Blog Hop...

Welcome to my post for the Springtime in the Country Blog Hop! Along with a GRAND PRIZE $100 gift card to winner's choice of B&N or Amazon, each participating author will be offering prizes on their posts too! So hop along for maximum chances to win!


My favorite thing to do in the Spring is go up to my family's land for Easter. No small egg hunts for this lady, we hunt the Easter Bunny's wares over open pasture land. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of the potluck lunches with my humongous family before the big hunt. We'd fish in the pond, eat until we couldn't walk straight, dodge the snakes, full-on sprint through wilderness searching for colorful eggs and candy, run from an occasional grumpy cow, and eat some more. And every year, we ride four-wheelers. Always four-wheelers.

What is your favorite Springtime memory?


I have an E-Book of my historic western romance, An Unwilling Husband, releasing May 5th through Lyrical Press/Kensington up for grabs for you guys. Enter for your chance to win below.

For adventurous Margaret Flemming, arrived from Boston to be with her father, the Old West town of her childhood is a far cry from the drawing rooms and balls of the high society life she’s used to. Her fancy gowns and proper manners have no place in the dusty, cruel land inhabited by Indians and rough cowboys. And her fiercely independent streak constantly gets her in trouble. When tragedy strikes, there’s only one person she can turn to--her childhood friend, Garret Shaw--but he’s disgusted with her Society ways.

With his ranch under attack from the land-grabbing Jennings, the last thing Garret needs is to be saddled with a high-falutin’ lady. Even if she is his friend’s daughter and her kind ways tug at his hardened heart. Duty to her father forces them to wed, but he knows sure as anything, when the chance comes along, she’ll go back to Boston. No matter how much he wants her, loving her is not a risk he can take.

Will Maggie choose a life of luxury and ease over struggle and hardship with an ill-mannered cowboy? Only her heart can answer.

CONTENT WARNING: A potty-mouthed proper lady, a reluctant bridegroom and all kinds of trouble.

Thanks for hopping by and don't forget to visit the other participating authors :)
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...Writing Process Blog Hop...

I've been tagged by the wonderful Calisa Rhose, author of Risk Factors, to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop this week.

1. What am I working on?

I just wrapped up a full-length contemporary romance called Shelter Me Home and am now turning my focus to the third and final installment in the Dead Rapture trilogy. The first book of the Dystopian Romance series is called Love in the Time of the Dead and released in October. The second, Love at the End of Days, just went under contract with Omnific Publishing this past week, and the third, Love Starts With Z, has the first two chapters completed. Oh, it feels goooood to be coming home to my little elite (yet beautifully flawed) team of Dead fighters.

2. How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

With the Dead Rapture trilogy, each book has plenty of zombie mayhem that fans of the genre seem to enjoy, but the central theme for each book is this budding romance between two survivors, and the odds they have to overcome not only to survive, but to find beauty and love in the chaos of the zombie apocalypse. They are romance books first, zombie books second.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I write in a few different genres but I tend to stick with ones I enjoy reading, or have personal experience with. I'm attracted to writing Dystopian Romance because there is just something that draws me to how my characters would react in a life where every decision is so important to their continuing survival. There is also a great bond, a camaraderie, that comes with fighting against the end of the world beside someone, and those complicated relationships are something I've always been interested in exploring.

4. How does my writing process work?

I'm a panster. Outlines don't work for me (though sometimes I wish they did, for example, when my characters run amuck with the story line and change the course of their entire book) - I start out knowing all of the major scenes. I know how the book begins and how it ends, and I know several big scenes in between. From there it's just connecting the dots, getting my characters emotionally and physically from one scene to the next. Of course every book is different, and believe it or not, every hero and heroine are different in the way the talk to their writer. But for the most part, this process works for me.


A huge thanks to Calisa for tagging me!

Author Bio:
Small-town country girl Calisa Rhose is the author of a vintage historical novella, her first sale, and typically writes heartwarming romance in a few genres; steamy contemporary and light paranormal being her favorites—so far.
She’s been writing romance since she was a teen growing up in central Oklahoma, and reading romance books even longer. It wasn’t until 2005 that she decided if “they” can do it, there was no reason why she couldn’t write and get published, too. That realization began her journey into the world of publishing. Calisa dove into writing seriously and hasn’t looked back.
Since that day she’s become more determined than ever to see her name on bookshelves. As a member of the online group Marketing For Romance Writers and several other help groups, she loves to nurture other writers however she can. She continues to grow as an author since her first sale in April 2011.
After raising three lovely daughters, Calisa now enjoys relaxing with her husband of more than thirty years. They have a small plot of dirt for their menagerie of animals that include a Guiney pig, a cat, a goat, four small dogs and two horses. She loves spending time with her five granddaughters and crafting when she’s not reading or writing.
She’d love to hear from her readers at and you can visit Calisa at Find out about her first books on the Bookshelf page.
Also find her on TwitterGoodreadsFacebookPinterest and Amazon


Tag you're it, Eden Ashe!

Convinced dragons have gotten a bad rep throughout time, and more than a little addicted to fairy tales and romance novels, Eden Ashe has decided to re-write history. In her version, the dragons are ancient warriors in tarnished armor, who not only deserve the girl in the end, but will fight forever for her.