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...Character Interview for Coming To Reason...

Today, we have Carrie Hanson to discuss the book Coming to Reason.
Tera: It’s so nice to have you here.
Carrie: Oh, the pleasure is all mine. Your place is so peaceful and calm. My world is anything but.
Tera: So matters are not going well?
Carrie: *sighs* Trent decided he needs to run his business without me and instead of letting me know in advance, he surprised me with the news on Sunday morning. He even had his driver, Sam, confiscate my laptop instead of asking for it.
Tera: I’m sorry, but honestly, you can do so much better.
Carrie: Oh, we aren’t breaking up. We’re just going to work at different places like normal people. But I can see how you jumped to such a conclusion. When I learned Trent had Sam sneak into my house and take my laptop, I immediately feared Trent had broken up with me and forgotten to mention it.
Tera: Why didn’t he just explain his wish up front, so you could start looking for another job?
Carrie: And, more importantly, hire and train his new EA. Turns out Trent hired the girl behind my back.
Tera: Why?
Carrie:  Even after all this time, Trent still doesn’t believe anyone can love him. In the past when he tried to part women from his money, they’ve gone crazy on him. He thought my love for his company equaled their love of his money. He hoped it was him I loved most, but he wasn’t sure. Once I understood the insecurity that drove him to his bad behavior, I forgave him and set about finding a new job.
Tera: How’s that going?
Carrie: I arrived in New York City early Monday morning and had two jobs an hour later.
Tera: Two?
Carrie: Yes, Dan Marshal, the best headhunter in the city, asked me to help him discover the bad apples on his staff. To do that, I’m being trained as a research consultant by an excellent fellow named Jeff. And once I discover his consultant problems, then Dan wants me to be his change specialist.
Tera: Well done! Sounds like you landed on your feet.
Carrie: I thought so, until Trent called, claiming he’d found me a job.
Tera: What was it?
Carrie: A job as a secretary at a warehouse in a high crime area that would require four hours commutingat least until someone stabbed me. When I told him about my job with Dan Marshal, he went ballistic, insisting Dan would make me sleep with clients. I assured him that was not the case. Then he said something really hurtful.
Tera: What?
Carrie: *pauses and looks away* He said my credentials were weak, and I didn’t warrant more than a secretarial job at a warehouse.
Tera: That was unnecessarily cruel and clearly not true. Dan’s job sounds a much better fit for you.
Carrie: *smiles* Yes. I expect to be a great help to Dan, or will once I fix up my tiny closet of an office. I’m going to work on it this weekend. Dan and his daughter, Destiny, want to help me. I’ve never had people want to help me before. So this is a new experience for me.
Tera: Sounds like a positive new experience. What does Dan look like?
Carrie: He’s 5'8" whis is shorter than Trent, but he still towers over me. He has the kindest eyes. Here's a picture Liza painted of him.
Tera: He seems worried.
Carrie: He is. He’s got one or more people stealing from him. But don’t worry. I’ll find out who it is.
Tera: Well, I wish you luck. Dan sounds like a nice person.
Carrie: He is. He has this soothing effect. When he rests his hand on my back, all my stress disappears. Well, I best return to my job. Thank you for inviting me.
Tera: Come back any time. 

Here's more about Coming to Reason:


Book Three: A Long Road to Love
Humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance
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Carrie has committed to an inter-species engagement with Trent, her billionaire boss. Presently, he is eighty percent dreamboat and twenty percent nightmare. When he fires her so they can become a ‘normal couple’, everything heads south.
Providing her a stark contrast, her new boss, Dan Marshal, is everything a woman could want. But for Carrie, her heart is taken and thus, her path to reason remains long and arduous.
When her relationship with Trent explodes in a shocking fashion, finally her heart gives up and reason takes over. She realizes a brighter future and a better man has been at her side all this time. But can she overcome the obstacles in her path to secure him? Or is Carrie doomed to never know true love?

Warning: If you loved Carrie and Trent as a couple, this book may break your heart.
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Liza O'Conner writes books that speak to my soul. Carrie is a character you will not soon forget.
--Rebecca Royce, author of The Warrior series.
I only have one thing to say about Liza O'Connor's A Long Road to Love series: Read them. They're funny. You won't regret it!
--Maria Hammarblad, author of Kidnapped.
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Monday morning, Carrie stood outside Dan Marshal’s resource firm wearing her best blue suit.
She’d arrived early, knowing Dan kept to a tight schedule. She smiled as his car pulled to the curb.
Dan let himself out of the limo, something Trent still wouldn’t do, and headed to the office door. His brow furrowed until his gaze settled on her, then his face brightened.
“Carrie! What a pleasant surprise.” He took in her suit and hair tied back in a bow. Leaning down, he kissed both her cheeks in greeting. While Dan didn’t possess Trent’s height, at five-eight, he still towered over her. “Are you by chance wishing to speak to me?”
She rewarded him with smile. “If you have time.”
He glanced at his watch and the furrows in his brow returned. “Fifteen minutes, before a meeting I’ve called. If you need more time, hopefully, you can wait an hour for the meeting to be finished.”
“More than fair since I didn’t make an appointment.”
His head tilted as he studied her. “Which is unlike you.”
“True, but I didn’t know I needed a job until yesterday, when Trent decided the time had come for him to grow up and run his own company.”
Dan led her to the elevator, his hand rested on her back. “Really?” His tone turned happy upon discovering her state of unemployment, but she let it slide.
“Evidently, he made the decision a while back, but didn’t bother to share it with me until yesterday.”
Dan’s smile grew more pronounced, borderline celebratory.
Once they entered the elevator and the doors closed, she wrinkled her nose at him. “Well, I’m glad my unemployment makes you happy. I expected a stern lecture after the last time I asked you to get me an interview.”
His smile disappeared. “Good point. Is this a real job you want, or are you trying to get rid of one of Trent’s groupies?”
She laughed. “Trent doesn’t have groupies. And this is a real job I want. We’ve decided to become a normal couple with daily time off from each other. Otherwise, Trent will continue to rely on me too much.”
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A Long Road to Love
Book One
Worst Week Ever
“Love this book and couldn't stop laughing from beginning to end.” 5 stars – Alves - Amazon
61 reviews: 4.3 stars
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Book Two
Oh Stupid Heart
“Be warned though, this book is completely different from The Worst Week Ever. Yes, there is still humor, dry wit, situations that you would think...NOT AGAIN but this one humanizes Trent more.” 5 stars - Brian’s Mom – Amazon
8 reviews: 4.8 stars
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Book Three
Coming to Reason
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Other Books by Liza O’Connor
Ghost Lover
has disappeared but will return soon
Liza O’Connor

Author Bio:

Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens.

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  4. Dan had his daughter when he was just 17. So he's just 35 Carrie's 24 Destiny is 18