Sunday, February 9, 2014

...Sneak Peak Sunday...

Sneak Peek Sunday is here again and oh have I got a treaty for you! Slip the Skin, a paranormal romance novella, has released to amazon for $0.99 this week! Hooraaaaay, confetti, sexywerewolves, romance, swiss cake rolls! So in honor of it's release, I'm sharing a six paragraph sneak peek of it.


“That man was delicious,” Meredith said into Linden’s ear over the blaring music in the limo. “Why the hell didn’t you bring him along?”
Why hadn’t she? Because he knew she was sick and pitied her, that’s why. When she’d come back to reality, there he’d been, a real life, sexy suited knight in shining Armani, and he’d witnessed her painting her danged toes in public like a lunatic. Nope. Sympathetic looks all night weren’t what she had in mind. She needed a lover who was oblivious to how broken she was. Meredith didn’t have to know that, though.
“He wasn’t my type.”
Meredith’s green eyes were the size of flying saucers. “Your type isn’t gorgeous?”
So she had a point. Graham Hayes had destroyed the human mold and slid right into demigod territory. His dark brown hair was cropped short and his chiseled jaw housed two perfect dimples under radiant sky blue eyes. Even the slight lines etched into his perfectly masculine face said he smiled a lot, and the way his muscles worked against his suit revealed he was every bit as fit as his V-shaped jacket suggested. And he was tall. Not lanky, but built like an unwavering redwood. Though he’d been self-deprecating about his occupation, she’d watched The Bodyguard so many times, she’d finally given in and bought the danged movie a few years back. He was exactly her type.

If she weren’t dying.


For more information on Slip the Skin, visit the amazon page, here.

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